Will Trigemin work for me?

TRIGEMIN is the first comprehensive supplement to use a unique physician formulated blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs that has shown to be an excellent option for a natural alternative to migraines.

TRIGEMIN’s highly effective formula comes in two clinical formulas – TRIGEMIN ADVANCED and TRIGEMIN KEY ESSENTIALS.

  • TRIGEMIN ADVANCED is a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and co-enzymes that support your body to function at its best, giving you sustained calm energy throughout the entire day so you can focus on your life.
  • TRIGEMIN KEY ESSENTIALS is the first supplement to offer all 5 ingredients shown to help reduce and prevent migraines and headaches – magnesium, riboflavin (vitamin B2), alpha-lipoic acid, feverfew, and co-enzyme Q10 (Co-Q10).

Due to an overwhelming positive response, TRIGEMIN is taken by physicians, families, high-level executives, and athletes nationwide. Now you can get convenient, easy 24/7 head comfort in an all natural formula. TRIGEMIN is available over the counter and can be ordered here.

Migraines don’t stand a chance. Fight Back. Complete and All Natural.