New and Improved! Trigemin Advanced with Vitamin B12

NEW clinical EVIDENCE reveals that proper does of the NATURAL substances MAGNESIUM, FEVERFEW, RIBOFLAVIN (vitamin B2), adn CO-ENZYME Q10 (Co-Q10) REDUCE HEADACHE* frequency and severity.

Foods and Supplements in the Management of Migraine Headaches

Review Article

Although a wide range of acute and preventative medications are now available for the treatment of migraine headaches, many patients will not have a significant improvement in the frequency and severity of their headaches unless lifestyle modifications are made. Also, given the myriad side effects of traditional prescription medications, there is an increasing demand for "natural" treatment like vitamins and supplements for common ailments such as headaches. Here, we discuss the role of food triggers in the management of migraines, and review the evidence for supplements in migraine treatment.