IncreaseS Vitamin B2 for energy production and BALANCED nervous system
CalmS your hyper-excitable nervous system
AlterS YOUR serotonin levels to reduce migraine induced nausea and vomiting


Natural Key Ingredients


RIBOFLAVIN is a micronutrient also known as Vitamin B2 which is required for energy production and proper nervous system function. In a clinical trial looking at the effects of Riboflavin, patients taking high doses of this nutrient experienced less frequent migraine attacks and a 68% improvement in the severity index (a composite measure
of several factors related to headache severity).


TAURINE is the body’s most abundant amino acid and
serves as a building block for many key proteins.
Emerging evidence suggests that Taurine plays a pivotal role calming a hyper-excitable nervous system which has been speculated to play a role in generating migraines and seizures. Patients taking Taurine may also see improvements in their overall energy levels.


FEVERFEW is a flowered plant used as a traditional
medicinal herb. It is thought to have its effects by altering serotonin (a neurotransmitter) levels and inhibiting prostaglandins which cause inflammation around nerves and blood vessels. In a randomized clinical trial, patients taking 100 mg / day of feverfew had a 24% reduction in migraines and a significant reduction in nausea and vomiting.


MAGNESIUM is a basic chemical element in the body
which clinical evidence suggests may be deficient in
patients suffering from migraine. Research has shown
a 42% reduction in migraine attacks in patients who
supplemented their diets with high doses of Magnesium.


CO-ENZYME Q10 is a crucial enzyme in the body for basic
cell functions including energy production and triggering chemical reactions. In a randomized clinical trial, patients taking 300 mg / day of Co-Q10 had a 48% reduction in their headache attack frequency. They also enjoyed less days with headache and nausea compared to those
patients taking a placebo treatment.

Customer Testimonial

I've tried everything. Vitamins, allergy medicine, nasal steroids, not being able to enjoy a glass of wine...literally everything. Once I found Trigemin, my migraines had met their match. Taking it as a daily supplement keeps me sharp and in control of my migraine onsets.

Cathy Parker | Arizona
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